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  1. i love this song when i was in highskol and the most requested song when it was a hiskol days and still right now im listening to this. it reminds me of my hiskol life.

  2. Wow.. 10 years ago, I was in kidnergarten, my mom was playing this on her phone (It was a Taylor Swift track list that she downloaded because I like Taylor Swift back then until now) I remember that day as the first day of school. I was in the service sitting there quietly jamming to the music and then the vehicle stopped and another girl got in the service with her mom. At first I was ignoring her but she sang this song and I was like, "wow you can sing" and that's how I met my bestfriend. It was quite funny because we both like Taylor Swift and my favorite song was "Love Story" while hers was "You belong with me" but now… We're both in the 8th grade. We still talk often.. but I feel like I'm already replaced in her heart while there's me.. I've refused to let anyone (that could possibly be my new best friend) get near my heart like how I let my best friend get close to me. Sure, I befriended other people but I never got as close to them like me and my best friend does. Up until now, I'm still wondering whether I'm still her best friend or if I ever was her best friend. I've claimed countless times that she was my best friend but I never heard the same words from her.
    I miss her so much.

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