Why the Oakland Raiders are Leaving for Las Vegas | NFL Community | DDFP

Dave Dameshek, Cynthia Frelund, Matt “Cash” Smith and Henry Hodgson sit down down to speak about why the Raiders transfer to Las Vegas is smart.

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  1. Don't agree with move I was kinda mad when 1st found out raider is only original team created in Oakland that sad part but in end what is done is done the raider is nation not city or town Im still going be fan RN4L

  2. The Zaza Oakland mayor is a disgrace. This team was promised a new stadium which it never got. The Raiders are going through some tough times admittedly, but they will finally have a state of the art facility. Oakland ( the city) & politics destroyed this opportunity. In my mind they will always be the OAKLAND RAIDERS!!! I have not been a fan at all since the kneeling began. Kneeling belongs in pirn. The NFL'S years are numbered. With all the head injuries it is understandable.

  3. Where the Raiders go the fans will follow just like the cowboys have fans all over the country and let's face it it was a terrible idea to play football in a baseball staidium especially a stadium as outdated as the Oakland Colosseum.

  4. Raider fans that follow that team are a special kind of stupid because they are going to be paying for the new stadium with hotel taxes. Raiders ain't loyal to the soil.

  5. The truth is, the Raiders stadium will be a point of interest for 5 yrs after it opens. Unfortunately most home games will be more than half filled with the opponents fans. Unless the team really improves, the attendance will start to drop off. The Raiders started in Minneapolis, moved to Oakland, played all over the Bay Area. Finally got Oakland Alameda stadium. One of the last dual sport stadiums in pro sports. Moved to LA over Oakland failing to make improvements. Left LA for the Colosseum refuses to make improvements. Had a brief Dalliance with a move to Baltimore. Flirted with San Antonio tx. Jerry Jones greased the wheels into Vegas, to prevent Tx having 3 pro teams. Now the Owner is up in the clouds with his new toy. ..,. That’s too many moves. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over….expecting different results. The Raiders are a working class team. The tv market is only 34th in the nation. It’s a small town with lots of distractions. It’s not Green Bay. Moving to Vegas is a bad move. Not enough of a home town fan base that can afford $45 dollar 10 oz beers. 15 yrs from now….Davis will have to sell the team.

  6. It's gonna be great in Vegas! People will come from all over the world to Vegas. Weekend trip stay in a bad ass casino see the sites, visit the dispensary, party with RAIDERNATION and go to the game and party afterwords… Can't wait to book my trip or 3


  8. Yes, it matters where they play! And teams are NOT nationally based, they are bound locally.
    In the NBA and the MLB, the extreme sell out behaviour of owners has entirely changed by today, and the increased the value of the sport in a way not having been expected, nor foreseen, by any expert in economics at all.

    The "owners" of NFL teams should finally understand, that they are not more than simple CEOs, thus employees of major income, thus the ones on the rudder. But the ship is not run by the captain, but the ones going where it hurts, meaning the team and the locals supporting it in good, bad, and also ugly times.

  9. I know u guys feel but if your really a die hard fan you’d stay with your team threw everything I’ve been a rams fan since St. Louis and if they ever move again I’d stay with them

  10. Oakland is a ghetto disgusting sanctuary city run by communists and socialists with a 3rd rate football/baseball stadium. I don't blame the Raiders for exiting to Las Vegas. If the Oakland A's wise up, they should bolt Oakland too.

  11. Please don’t move here. You are bringing crime and insanity. Plus, there’s only 2 yrs worth of water left in Lake Mead. There’s no great school in the whole city. Who’s the guy in the pink shirt? Shut up, loud mouth Jew.

  12. im just gonna say as a person who lives in las vegas… thanks nfl we've wanted a team for a long time before the golden knights cause we only had UNLV

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