Which Forex Trading Platform is BEST? (MetaTrader 4 vs cTrader)

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Which forex trading platform does give you the best competitive edge in the markets? And does it make such a difference?
In today’s video, I will walk you through the most popular trading platforms available to retail traders and compare their features!

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**IC Markets is one of the world’s largest forex brokers and offers True ECN account. The maximum allowed leverage is 500:1 and the minimum deposit is $200

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**Blueberry Markets is currently the best-rated broker in Australia (on Forex Peace Army and Trustpilot) and offers competitive spreads, leverage of 500:1 and a minimum deposit of $100

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  1. can someone tell me if “FxPro” is a reliable broker ? because im new in that sphere and on every broker I search for there bad reviews… and also for fxpro

  2. Thank you for the detailed explanation, might as well look into ctrader, though been doing my trading mostly on mt4 for the past 5 years on hotforex. but who knows right?

  3. The most important thing is how you trade. You can be successful with any trading platform if you have the right guidance. This is not to say you should use just any trading platform. Authur is my professional mentor. I have traded with him for 13 months now and its been success all the way. I just follow strictly his instructions and profits have been off the roof. Join him authurclinton1 (a) g. m. a. i. l and you be glad you did. please let him know i referred you (WJ13A) so i can get a little bonus. Good Luck!

  4. When you’re chasing a big goal, the kind that takes months or years to accomplish, your biggest enemy will be complacency — letting days go by without any forward motion. Set yourself up for daily progress with productive habits. Instead of losing money in FOREX, why not get a good trade agent. I use one and I’ve achieved my financial goals. Thank you Reed. Here’s an official email to reach him on ( Reedpeeters@ gmail .com )

  5. Sir Smith, where could i get or download a virtual trader? I'm not confident enough for my skill so I want to practice first. Thanks.

  6. The rich gets richer out of the ignorance of the poor while the poor gets poorer out of his own ignorance and stubbornness. A lot of people think forex trading is only for the rich but in the real sense forex trading is more helpful to the poor

  7. Hello there. I'm 16 and I'm from Turkey. I want to learn a lot of things about the stock market. So which one of these I should begin with? Megatrader4 or cTrader? Which one is the easiest?

  8. some help needed here. I'm a complete novice trader. Never really done any live trading. I was wondering what's the difference between the "MetaTrader 5" and "MetaTrader 4" software? which should I get?

  9. In Forex market there are many trading platforms and traders using their suitable trading platform. Right and simple trading platform we all need to use to get our trading goal easily. With Forex4you broker I am using the most popular and professional MT4 trading software. It is most easy and also very fluent trading platform. Now I can access from anywhere around the world without taking much time. It is error free.

  10. Now i believe Binary option is not scam , i got it wrong trading with bad strategy in the beginning now Carla Lorraine Culmer trade my account and make good return of investment after i found good comment on Youtube video about her trading strategy i contact her for help ,now i can increase my investment for long term trade .contact her for help .
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  13. with scammers everywhere and no genuine person to trust with your account management, and brokers out there trying to sell some unreliable EA stuffs, i will only advise traders out there both new and old to be very careful with their investments. try and learn the basics of trading and if you need a mentor to guide you, you can reach out to the only trustworthy guru i know in trading and that's Mr. Wayne (waynefrank688@gmail . com) please let him know i referred you all to him. He is the best

  14. hi quick question. what if i place an order that isn't completed, then close the platform. will the order still complete if the price is reached even if the platform is not open? i use fidelity.

  15. I use tick timeframes with line charts, so I could see obvious pattern of reversal and continuity. You can't view tick timeframe in metatrader.

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