UFO Sighting at Dual Towers 9/11 WTC Assaults – FindingUFO

UFO Sighting at Dual Towers 9/11 WTC Assaults.

Supply: https://youtu.be/EyyWyOilqJQ
Video by way of: NewsNotShownonTV (YT-channel).

➨ Watch extra PROOF of UFOs on WTC: https://youtu.be/egfQlgu_A5E
➨ UFOs and Orbs Right through 9/11 WTC Assaults in New York: https://youtu.be/l8AvQGMobEY

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Phil Younger – UFOs have been noticed on the Dual Towers on September 11, 2001 and are proof the Arabs weren’t accountable, because the Arabs shouldn’t have UFOs, handiest the Israelis and USA have the UFOs and this Generation.


► UFOs and Orbs Right through 9/11 WTC Assaults in New York

► UFOs on 9/11 International Business Heart in New York

► Hillary & Invoice Clinton and Barack Obama Speaking about UFOs


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  1. I remember this day I woke up in morning after sleeping on lounge bed to turn TV on in my early 20s to see that over again all day I didn't see anything like that UFO from Australia

  2. If they are timetravellers and they didnt do anything about it.. i guess the reason it happend is still important for the future. So we know who still has the power then..

  3. Maybe they are some time travellers,travelling back to some of the important days on the planet,we also encountered some UFOs in the sky during Japan's 2011 tsunami.

  4. If that is a ufo and those are aliens piloting it then they can go fuck themselves. They saw some serious shit was going on and did nothing to prevent the tragedy from happening. If they could travel from light years away to witness the incident they could have done something to stop it, instead they just watch. Obviously not our hero’s and not our friends.

  5. There were 2 other videos of this object from other perspectives. They have been removed from YouTube though. After passing between the buildings it turns and flies straight up at a very high rate of speed. It's not aliens. It's the nephilim. They are behind everything going on in the world. The deceptions we live within are vast.

  6. There were explosions under the towers witness say focus on that first , watch controlled implosions when taking down any buildings, I'm sure you notice something suspicious in all this. the air craft that crashed into the Pentagon were and why surveillance Footage is not made publicly !

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