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  1. Question ,based on 1st strategy : what if I identify a neutral pair but how ever the neutral pair is also weak from the daily but on 4H the pair is neutral do I also use such pair ?

  2. Lets say the USD groups are weak in the 60min tf and strong on the 15min tf. Tht could mean its a pullback for the 60min tf. But based on this video, if i trade the 15min tf, i shld pair it with a weak currency on the daily. But would it be contradictory since the 60min usd group is also weak?

  3. Hi UF,
    If my TTF is 4hr and BBTF Daily… Do I use a powerful/weakest currency accompanied with a neutral pair on Daily(BBTF)? Or a powerful/weakest currency on Daily(BBTF) , accompanied with a 4hr(TTF) neutral currency?

  4. Hey guys, any chance that you will release a version for Windows PC.Would be great to have 2 tabs, side by side with chart on one device.Cheers,,

  5. You will be a great father to your kids one day. I do not know if you have any kids right now. But every time I listen to you, I think how blessed your kids will be.

  6. Thank you Navin for everything you have change the way i see the market every time i attend your webinar i always have aha moments and increase my knowledge. I will soon send you my account you see how this has increased my account and i now have confidence to approach the market Thank Sir.

  7. How long do you think trading can stay profitable for private investors? I mean you have the big players and probably more and more bots trading as well. Is it still a big chance for people to start now that would want to make a living from anywhere in the world?

  8. Hi. I'm MPA student I can't wait to finish the course it's like opening new world on front of me trading become easy lol still to learn ,but I'm trader from a 1 month .I got question @ 23:50 on daily chard USD is stronger than the EUR on 4h EUR is stronger which one is considers stronger if I'm trading on 4 h?

  9. Hi Navin, thanks for the video…I plan to purchase the android app once it is out….I had a question, why do you use the 4 H neutral, instead of a 4 H Strong or Weak currency against the Daily Strong / Weak currency

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