Tom Petty – Finding out To Fly reside Hollywood Bowl 09.25.2017

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  1. Who is the woman singing with them? It doesn't look like Stevie Nicks who has previously toured with TPHB, actually whomever it is looks like TP's wife Dana Petty! Does anyone know??

  2. This has been a tough one for many of us…If you think about it (I am 43)..and I can't remember a time where Tom Petty wasn't part of my life…I wasn't his biggest fan, but its just really hard knowing he has left us…

  3. Wow !! Something seriously wrong here kids ,, first time I've seen this video,, seems to me Tom's sense of time is out the window . He started this song way to fast , then sounds like he struggled with his timing throughout the song !! Either Tom is really tiered ,, or experiencing preliminary symptoms of his fatal cardiac arrest ,,, or he is a little to high on some kind of substance ! That really bothers me ,,, this man is 66 years old ,, I'm thinking maybe someone should have stepped up and suggested he gets a physical medical testing which could have saved his life ! Love you Tom … RIP

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