Tom Petty – Unfastened Fallin' are living Hollywood Bowl 09.25.2017

What a gorgeous live performance and what a panoramic location. Wow. ♥


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About the Author: Nini McNean


  1. Reseda. Freeway runnin' through the yard.
    Free fallin' seems to take so long to reach bottom
    I could just drive my car out there on the pretext of shopping
    at Lowes. Studio City, North Hollywood and all that.
    Free fallin' right out into nothin'. My first Petty show
    and a week later he was dead. Thanks to everyone there,
    vampires movin' west down Ventura Boulevard.
    Glide down over Mulholland all about it.
    Kick another dirt clod with my boots about Hollywood and
    say "aw, shucks". Star is in front of the Roosevelt.

  2. Let's have one of those big outdoor sing alongs.
    Fuckin' tragic. Baddest ass dirge since '68.
    Bruised my ass on Mulholland about '81.
    If anyone doesn't love this they're probably not from this
    town. It's LA and Tom struggled to get here from
    gatorville florida. Whack ass vampires on Ventura boulevard.
    Good girls home with broken hearts.

  3. Like Tom said at the show we're free fallin' straight down into Reseda.
    That Saucer embedded in Fry's is no joke, that's how we do it.
    It's a big outdoor concert sing along in Hollywood. Crazy 'bout Elvis. Vampires on
    Ventura. Ridin' six shot horses on the range. Everyone knows this.
    We're free fallin'

  4. Tom Petty kept rock and roll going and ended at # 1 on the billboard in 2014 some 40years later AMAZING no better rock portfolio. My favorite musician of all time. Miss u Tom

  5. Oh Tom…what a time we had…

    It was 1982, and my first car…A 71 Ford Torino sport, and on the cassette I played "Long after Dark" until it disintegrated, and it took me hours to pull the tape outta that deck…!!
    Pulling off the road, and stealing away in tall fields of wheat, under a full moon, fumbling for my first kiss, in the laurel mountains. In the middle of a driving snowstorm, driving with my boys in the car …all the windows down listening to you as the snow swirled around the inside that old Impala like a goddamn ice tornado! Those nights speeding down Pennsylvania mountain back roads, turning the lights off testing our nerve, singing and racing the clock. The warm ocean air and the smell of the canyons drifting over me, as I drove highway 1 from Los Angeles to Santa Cruz. So many moments, So many miles…So many songs.

    You were there through it all…So long old friend, Ill see you around.

  6. Let's all remember this song is about LA. It's about Reseda and Mulholland Drive. Gonna free fall out into nothin', gonna leave this world for awhile. Oh, I was probably at this show. Way Hollywood Goth. Move west down Ventura Boulevard. Tom introduced Mike Campbell. They're crazy 'bout Elvis, love Jesus and America too. Sure we go out to Tom's star on Hollywood Boulevard and cry a whole lot whenever we think his birthday might've been. Tom showed me some new dance moves at this show. He was a total genius. When he said Elvis I always figured he meant Costello. But enough 'bout Elvis, let's talk about Tom Petty from Gatorville Florida. He came into my life in the 1980s . Always was sarcastic, that's what I loved 'bout him. Just listen to this song, how did he come up with this and play it fluently for so many years?

  7. Yes he lived like a moderately bad boy , every rock n roll star from that era of 70s-90s, But unlike most, his music, lyrics was simple n touching

  8. Petty is one of my all time favorites…right behind the Byrds 🙂 Seeing his speech at the Music Cares event and this performance I have to say he did not appear to be in very good health. It's too bad. I lost a friend this year to a heart attack in his early 40's. You have to take care of your health people. At least Petty went out on top and left an incredible trove of music and goodwill behind him. I listen to Tom Petty Radio, Sirius XM ch 31 every day in my car and have been surprised at how much Tom's death has touched me. I have a vivid memory of listening to Free Fallin as a 20 year old driving on a beautiful sunny California day in the foothills and singing along. Every time I hear the song I feel 20 years old again. That's a feeling you never get tired of. Such a beautiful song, such an incredible artist.

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