The Moody Blues Carry out Days of Long run Handed with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra

The Moody Blues play their album Days of Long run Handed in its entirety reside with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. Contains the encores “Query” and “Experience My See-Noticed” joined by way of the orchestra. That is best the second one part of the display, which the Moody Blues carried out on Saturday, June 17, 2017 in Los Angeles, California on the Hollywood Bowl.


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  1. This looks like the 50th anniversary show, I was there that night. In fact Jeremy Irons did the poetry that Ray Thomas used to recite, {God rest his soul}.

  2. The true genious of this band far surpasses most and also any. Their music can take one beyond the great barrier and puts us in a place where time no longer exists….Heaven !!

  3. yes, that would have been amazing to have Pinder join them for this. and to have Graeme read the poetry … but i admit, Jeremy Irons does have the voice, but also the cadence for it. he gets it right. 🙂

  4. Great post, great band. Would have preferred they put the Nights poem inside of Nights instead of the beginning of the song…spectacular, nonetheless!

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING THIS VIDEO of "Days of Future Passed" ~ "The Moody Blues" WITH the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. BRILLIANT. <3 GOD BLESS . I'm watching & /or listening & FURTHER SHARING ALONG VIA FACEBOOK & et cetera ~ The next day AFTER the "MOODIES" induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. LOVE & PEACE. ~ signed ~ 15th of April, 2018 A.D.

  6. This is an extraordinary recording of a very special performance. When I want to convey to someone what “Days of Future Passed” is, I show them this tape.

  7. I agree that fifty years later this music defies the passage of time and is simply a masterpiece. So moving, thoughtful and a joy to listen. That's Jeremy Irons reciting the poems.

  8. Magnificent their Magnum Opus, The Veteran Cosmic Rockers are my fave Band– Thank you for this!. I've seen them twice, and can't wait to see them again…!

  9. What magic! I was 15 in San Francisco when this album came out. I've seen them so many times since then and it's soooo wonderful to hear the songs I used to fall asleep to that, in their touring, they never played (Dawn is a feeling, etc.) My love of music and the MB's is now complete 50 years later (I'm 65)….Oh What a Feeling, a Wonderful Ceiling.

  10. A classic. I wish St. Louis would have gotten a show. I think the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra could do this the proper justice. So grateful this was shared. Wonderful performance of a timeless album.

  11. The Moody Blues got the nomination into the RRHOF for the first time! This concert and your amazing post is the perfect example of why they deserve to be inducted. Please everyone go to the Rock Hall web sight and vote on the fan page everyday until December. They have been overlooked for almost 30 years. I really believe we are the strongest fan base of any band past or present. The fan vote is very important so let us work together to finally get the Moodies the recognition they deserve. The list of artists is 19! We have our work cut out for us. We can do this for them…

  12. Thank you for sharing. I wanted to see them when they were here in Hartford on July 8th but I was attending my sons wedding in California. Someday I might forgive him!

  13. Thanks for the video, amazing show. Specially considering DOFP was the least of their albums. Of course, NIWS was a mega single. The record company came to them for a demo album to show off their new stereo sound….a take on New World Symphony but they delivered DOFP instead and the rest is history. Yeah, Pinder was half their sound (all the of weighty bits, imho) and I am very, very grateful for the 7 wonderful albums they made.

  14. Surprised, but not unthankful, this concert experienced here on YT really made me happy. And the almost hard rock version of Nights, Thank you Bryan Laurienti

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