The Forex Trading Youtube Channel That's Changing Everything (in 2019)

A Forex Trading Youtube Channel from a real professional forex prop trader. A completely different and refreshing approach to FX Trading. This channel gives you everything, such as.:

– Telling you what NOT to do (and there are lots of these)
– Showing you a real system that’s easy and give consistent results
– Trade/Money Management, which gets ignored way too often
– Trading Psychology, which everyone sucks at

And a blog for those who would rather read everything:

Every Forex trading video is designed to be very simple to understand, and is also designed to make you a better trader when you’re finished watching.

Subscribe and get ready. Everything is about to change.


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  1. VP doesn't want to be called a guru or mentor, and I totally respect that. How about "YouTube Forex Influencer?" No, that sounds like he tells traders what kind of makeup to wear; scratch that. Just call him VP I guess…

  2. Hhhh by telling us the secret is not considered as a secret anymore so the idea is when it comes to forex. Be your own teacher and never listen to anybody
    Everybody is your enemy

  3. Hi VP
    New fan here from Chicago! I'm a newbie in Forex (a vet in Nasdaq). Glad to find your podcast in Spotify, just finished listening them all and now will check out your YouTube and Blog. Thank you and keep up the good work 🙂

  4. lol, probably seen all videos around 2-3 times except this one, didn't even hesitate towards changing my mind after the dirty dozen´s video, still, great intro VP!

  5. Trade psychology will only affect discretionary trading. It's not a factor in mechanical trading strategies, unless you start second guessing it.

  6. I've watched several videos on this channel. I love the no BS approach. Just a straight focus on what works and what does not. Looking forward to more.

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