The Doorways Are living At The Hollywood Bowl Phase Three Of seven

fifth July 1968

The Door’s Are living on the Hollywood Bowl, is among the maximum quintessential performances of rock historical past. Mick Jagger in fact attended this efficiency and was once sitting subsequent to Jim’s female friend Pamela. Some of the largest issues about this recording, was once that it was once the one Door’s live performance that was once fully filmed. Maximum different recordings the place cancelled ahead of and even all the way through the set.

As of third June 2011:

Phase 1 – 160,926
Phase 2 – 71,329
Phase 3 – 59,376
Phase 4 – 55,175
Phase 5 – 38,599
Phase 6 – 33,085
Phase 7 – 29,232

Other people wish to get started staring at all of the movie. You do not know what your lacking out on.


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  1. the doors r my life i would have sold my life to the devil for a ticket to a doors concert they inspire me to life and death in a marvelous wey i will love the doors for ever they light my fire to The end.

  2. Back in 08, Grade 9. this grade twelve always smoked weed and sat in his car. i asked if i can try some weed and he later gave me a free gram and the doors CD. and said "Enjoy Bro"

  3. Mick Jagger was at this show and the rest of the band was eager to show him what a great show an American band could put on.. Jim didnt do any of the usual wild antics and had no stage presence.. the rest of the band was kinda pissed off with him

  4. @BUGirl2007 after horse latitudes it's a couple of poems that are part of 'Celebration of the Lizard'. First comes 'Go Insane', followed by 'The Hill Dwellers' which leads into 'Spanish Caravan' .

  5. what ever happened to musical talent…i guarantee no artist or band today can put on a conert like this and have everything synch perfectly…the doors are the best that ever lived

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