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  1. This is exactly what is supposed to be like, to give and to help one another. I give as much as I can to all and everyone even though I can't get my own car fixed, buts that's fine because there are people without food, clothes or even a roof over their heads

  2. I wish I were a celebrity with millions upon millions of dollars. All you have to do is take a few hours out of your Saturday to stalk a few fans, throw a few pennies at them (let’s be real, this is all beyond pocket change to her), and you have now successfully convinced the gullible people that you a re a saint, and everyone must be wrong about you. I do have to hand it to Taylor. She has played a pretty good game at keeping fans despite having a forever rotating roster of friends, and rumors stacked on rumors of her being a conniving bitch behind the scenes. Sure all celebs have rumors about them, but for so many years the story has stayed the same and came from multiple people, so I’m inclined to believe she isn’t as nice as she wants to portray herself. Ryan Murphy clocked her with that Scream Queens skit. He can totally see through this act, and I think most people who really think about how simple this all is for someone as rich and powerful as her will see right through her as well. I sometimes wonder why more celebrities don’t do it more? It is such an easy way of making yourself look humble without having to do very much work.

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