1. I like both but Katy has always been my pop idol since middle school. I’m just glad that they are back to being friends and their anger against each other is behind them.

  2. Why would you like Taylor Swift she's not amazing change your mind now I'll kill you and come to your YouTube channel and I'll kill you with a knife because Taylor Swift is not good for you this is the part of me and I never will kill you in a white bottom me this is the part of me and you know you're going cuz I'm coming at you like a dark horse are you ready for ready for my perfect storm and once you're mine once you're mine then they're going back she's a beast I call her karma she eat your heart out with Queen Chrysalis be careful try not to read we'd hold on because he's so strong it coloring a meter

  3. Taylor Swift was horrible I know is she still is Beyonce's performance tell mom nice why would why would you give her a point-to-point know Katy Perry Katy Perry is better

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