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  1. Taylor I love your Instagram, YouTube and more! Hopefully your family is doing well! This video is one of my favorite videos that you have posted on YouTube. Most people leave comments say “Oh I love Taylor more then all of you guys!” But no everybody loves you Taylor including me. I know you will not see this but I wanted you to know all of your fans love you! ❤️ Also I’m a SWIFTIE

  2. This ong puts me so much in my feels. I first met my family when I was five. My dad was the most incredible man in the universe burying him on my 16th birthday was the hardest day of my life. My mom missed him so much. She died when I was 24 and I miss her every day. My kids never got to meet them and it breaks my heart. They would have loved each other. My one boy is my dad through and through, my other is his grandmother. Ugh, tears.

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