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  1. Hi my name is Alicia. I’m 12 years old and almost 13. I really want people to
    see the covers ive done so far and im working on more. if you have a song suggestion just comment it on my recent cover and i might do it and ill give you a shoutout in the description of the video for the request

  2. I tried this with Photograph, Everything Has Changed, Forever and Always, The Story of Us, Mean, Red, IKYWT, WANEGBT, Blank Space, New Romantics (recommended), OOTW, Shake It Off, Style, WTNY, Speak Now (recommended), IDSB, IDWLF, and Our Song AND THEY ALL FIT!

  3. i see so many people commenting about how you don't get a chance to breathe in this song. well, let me tell you…
    uh, just take short, quick breaths between lines. it's pretty easy :/

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