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  1. Is it wrong that I sung this to my boyfriends dad on his fiftieth birthday? I'm actually a girl called Chloe, I'm using my boyfriends account.

  2. i'm sorry but i have to take the son's side on this. i mean if he's trying to flirt with other girls when he's married then, yes, he is a douchebag

  3. There's a million great things I could say about this video but the best is 0:12 where there's a freaking ecchi girl on his monitorXD I just love little details like that amazing video!!

  4. STOP ! Parodies are a wast of time they hurt other people to , Btw your people don't even look like her so HAHA and your parodies suck ! And they don't even have the right rhythm

  5. I can't wait to be fifty. just gonna watch TV in my shorts,drink copious amounts of beer, and make life as shitty as possible for the neighbor kids.

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