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  1. Every time I look at these guys faces. I find it inspiring. The passion, devotion. You can see them smiling to themselves. The pure of joy of doing and sharing something you love doing not just for yourself and also for the pleasure of everyone else. That's life!!!!!……

  2. I know the original song isn't religious but this arrangement plus the title of 'begin again' reminds me of Christ and that I can begin my life again. When I listen I'm reminded of that.

  3. Your scores are like medicine; a therapy for brain. I close my eyes, and get transported to some other world… Thank you for these scores! I can't express the way they work- all of your scores. I have never experienced eternal bliss, but this is what it would probably feel like.

  4. therapy to sleep in peace. I do not hear only the aons of the instruments they play, but the feeling that you feel when you play, the pleasure, the love … I also hear the sound. I wish one day, if I could, to watch live, what my eyes and ears contemplate, by the screen of my cell phone, here, almost on the other side of the world. Magnifico, is a small word for the talent, gift … that you have, I think I call life, because the music of you and life. thank you .


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  5. I can't describe the beauty of this sounds at all.sigh…
    Piano guys always gives me energy and healing.
    My eyes,ears and brain work to the best of those ability to enjoy their musics.

  6. Please add it back I enjoyed it or maybe do a new one please I have a son but it says I can’t planet screamed out please fix or talk to Megan Nicole about it you guys can do something about it figure it out I miss the song please help

  7. Can you guys please release this song with Megan Nicole In Apple Music I can’t listen to it anymore it says I can’t listen to it because it’s not available anymore why would you remove something that was five years old that doesn’t make sense it’s not like it was 50 years old

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