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  1. Essa Jennifer adora aparecer… Dá pra ver na cara dela que tentou ofuscar a Taylor e seu deu mal. Os shows da Taylor sempre lotados e os dela vazios

  2. This was a fun thing but even so Taylor sounded better looked better and she's so soft and feminine her dance moves were more graceful than J lo. Lopez looks like a man. Taylor Swift is all woman so cute.

  3. I like the newer stuff from TS, but is it just me, it seems like she B way tryin 2 haard 2 B haardcore or edgier or something. Maybe kinda like an actor fighting a typecast; but she getting old enough to not be doing teenage angst songs. Line from Eddie and the Cruisers; "What I want is songs that echo." May be just me asking her to be great.

  4. my hairbrush song was "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N Roses. yeah yeah, I know 🙂 I'm still so metal I wear Swift tshirts to metal shows m/

  5. JLo outshines TS, for sure. How can she compete w/ that raw charisma and the GLOW. I hate to say this, but TS is pure White Bread.

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