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  1. If a 7'7" guy can make free throws that well….. Then theres really no excuse for all the other Centers who hit bricks and collect Airballs

  2. That offensive and defensive 3 second rule was made to benefit the smaller players…and the game has evolved that everyone are now shooting 3s to stretch the floor. Basketball has become a smaller man's game…Feel sorry for Tacko not getting drafter but his game won't thrive in todays NBA…

  3. boring, two freak of natures that have a hard time running up down the court that can only dunk the ball. i wonder why nba attendance is falling.

  4. I'm surprised how bad Ndiaye is at finishing at the rim considering his free throw. He has a decent stroke, but is so uncoordinated when it comes to simple layups. Can't even go left.

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