sprite slam dunk contest-young hollywood HD.wmv

tremendous legitimate photos of younger hollywood on the sprite slam dunk contest.be searching for Myree REEMIX ,LOS ,& AIR DOG vids


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  1. @leonss10 cool thanks. i was jw cos im getting my back soon (lent them to friend) so im gona use them properly cos i never even used the proper exercises or program last time.

  2. @leonss10 I know man ive seen your dunks your getting closer & closer to being a top level dunker. I would have to say a 9'10" & a 10' rim would make a little difference to me though, but not by that much. So imagine these guys. Its crazy to even say a couple of inches would make a difference to them, even on a bad day.

  3. @clamantfever : i know it is thats why im saying it.. those nba sprite rims have always looked a bit low to me.. 9'10 vs 10' makes a huge difference for tricks.

  4. @adarqui it was definitely bent down a couple inches.i saw one dude try to push it back up too.I dont think that rim is going to last long.lol..

  5. nice footage.. crazy dunks by him..

    am i lame for thinking these nba sprite hoops are lik 9'10 ? i know it's small difference but they just don't look 10'..

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