South African Forex Trader Millionaires | Sandile Shezi, Cashflow Ngcobo

South African Forex Trader Millionaires
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Sandile Shezi, Cashflow Ngcobo and Ref Wayne are the biggest names in Forex trading South Africa.

This video I will go through the top Forex traders of South Africa and explain my opinion on them. Forex trading is not a scam but their are some people who try scam people or use unethical business practices.

Let me know your experiences with Forex trading lessons and let me know if you have made any money through their courses.

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  1. Start small. Invest a hundred dollars and see how it goes. If u make even 2 to 5 dollars profit a day, its a good start. U need to do it on ur own. Involving brokers is a waste of money and very risky. Best do it through a software like this it is very popular. And if u use the above link, u will get it at discount wen compared to its market price.

  2. If you're trying to get involved with trading don't pay a single person anything! @theinnercircletrader on youtube and twitter will teach you beyond the basics for free! NO indicators No trendlines No bullshit! Trade with the banks no the retail instagram traders!

  3. Mr Turner, bring us evidence man… Ref Wyne we know he z a scam… bring something new and you will hit the 1m views you looking for so you can make money on youtube… yajwayela..wena

  4. this have me wondering who you are man? are you a stupid and poor who can't do anything but wonder about what other real people are doing? have you fixed the cam already so that we can see your pretty face?

  5. Such a disgusting Negativity, hate and Jealousy! or Maybe is it because they black and richer than you? Bra get a life. My 1st time disgusted by a YouTube video that i even comment and dislike. If this were white people you were not gonna say they are a scam is it? bra get a life please. You can do better

  6. Let me educate you all in the comments section, especially those asking the point of this video and saying this white guy is a hater….I'm a YouTube & this white guy is also a YouTuber and he has made more than R1000 for this video alone and this video is like a royalty – It will continue to make money for him as long as it gets views.

    So sometimes we YouTubers talk about stuff because its TRENDING so that we can get views and make MONEY. This guy is smart because you all don't know his real intention. Its not about exposing Sandile or Ref Wayne…its about him making a quick buck and leaving you all talking & watching his videos. .. he knew this video would make lots of views because these forex guys are famous.

    We YouTubers make money on command: we find anything that people want to know and we make a video and upload it…this is a game….Like one of the guys said in the comments below: "making money is a game" and its true.

  7. All these guys are scammers, Shezi was smart enough to change to training people Forex. But the material he is using i doubt he wrote it himself or with his business partner. Ref Wayne and Cashflow must be jailed immediately for trading for people offering them returns knowing it's all a lie. A friend of mine lost R9000 to a forex scammer.

  8. Forex is real and it is simple, but you must be willing to put in the work to learn the skill.. Many people want someone else to just give them the profits without putting in the work. The scammers love these people, they're waiting for you…. While their are tools that can help you with making some money, it doesn't generally last…Now you're at the mercy of someone else's company tool or someone giving you signals… What happens when they close down? My suggestion is to Learn the skill and it will pay you for a lifetime and generations to come. Much Love!

  9. I don't know how or if at all this piece of info can save someone from this scammer, but for the fact of faith and believe i strongly believe it will help to same at least one innocent soul from this fake traders. the deal is this forex trading takes more years to get to stage of profit unless you are lucky to start trading with a professional who will be trading alone side with you and showing you all is doing and how his doing it. I have been a trader for 6 years now and within all this years i find out that anyone claiming to have make millions trading forex yet still sells indicators, books/causes and online and offline webinars, trading signals are not a trader and if they have made money 100% sure is that the money did not come from trading forex but from all those items they are selling to people. this people are not forex traders they only use forex the qualify their income and to get you into believing and buying their fake service which will never make you money. Here is one of my articles on forex factory you can read it if you want the point is for you to understand that anyone rendering any kind of trading service outside the actual trading of the market is not a trader, secondly trading is one big school of it own but is often been undermined by people who think they can buy a book from this scammers and and after reading for a week they will become a successful forex trader, one question for you, ask yourself why do people spend 5 to 8 years studding just to become a lawyer,doctor or engineer? and why do you think forex don't deserve to be given such time too? Secondly, why should someone spent such years in learning to become a successful doctor when he/she can go to a bookshop and buy a medical test book and after reading he will become a successful medical doctor? Please do't be a fool and don't let anyone fool you is up to you to decide who to believe me or them.

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