SJW Motion pictures Are FAILING At The Field Administrative center – Wake Up, Hollywood!

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#BoxOfficeBreakdown #GetWokeGoBroke #WakeUp


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  1. I had my issues with terminator dark fate , but sjw politics wasn’t really an issue for me with that one.

    Charlie’s angels is Charlie’s angels , truth is both of them were risky proportions , because at least in the case of terminator the audience enthusiasm has been on the decline for years , political agendas and or politics aside the only thing that registers with audiences these days are comic book movies , horror movies generally , animation and Star Wars movies (solo lost money yes but generally they are huge earners )

    I don’t actually think people care about politics or controversies as much as people think ( people on social media platforms isn’t everyone)

    People generally show up for things they want to see

  2. Once people leave work, they want to be ENTERTAINED, not preached to or "diversified". This is pretty basic, why did Hollywood blow it?
    Movies can happen by chance to start high or low, but then there's word-of-mouth so expect a BIG drop week by week when people see there are agendas and they are being insulted.

  3. A movie about men fighting for the freedom for sjws to bitch and moan about the very men that protected that right, and a movie about men being driven and competitive and giving sjws vehicles their parents can buy for them so they can get to their next socialist convention, dominated. Like we always have and always will. You done pushed men too far Hollywood and guess what? All the attractive women are on our side.

  4. Narrative forced down our throats aside, box office is probably suffering because they give us sequels and reboots of reboots we didn't ask for instead of completing trilogies of "Push" or "Jumper" or reboots of movies that would actually benefit from it because they were $hit to begin with. Sorry for the rant I'm still trying to wrap my head around video game "Bulletstorm" hd reboot but can't get "Enslaved: Oddessey to the west".

  5. It's like with the RoS test screening ("rumors") that when showed the KK and JJ cut, only the brain dead sheep (aka normies) gave it any points at all. That's the audience Disney wants. The problem is things like Star Wars and Star Trek have too much talking in them and not enough explosions for these monkeys so they go watch Marvel instead.
    That's right, I said it. Come at me comments section (*adopts Scottish accent) if ya think yer man enough! 😉

  6. Hollywood can insist upon making SJW movies all they want. What they CAN'T do is compel me to watch them. I'm perfectly happy taking my entertainment time and money elsewhere.

  7. Every time I go in the cinema now its nearly empty, it's like they know it's dying they just don't care as long as nothing new comes along to compete with the propaganda

  8. I am not an sjw and i saw terminator dark fate if you just completely forget its a terminator film its just an over the top action film thats not very well cast lol its ok .BUT it is watchable.

  9. Can you imagine where they would be without Joker propping things up for them? Now that people have moved on from Marvel and Star Wars next year could be even worse especially if Wonder Woman 2 doesn't meet expectations – Only movie I'm looking forward to next year is Top Gun.

  10. Heck even women are getting tired of woke crap. Women outnumber men in United States and overall global population. Woke Charlie’s Angle flops, blames the MEN.

  11. their biggest mistake is pandering to a bunch of miserable losers who dont care about nothing in life they are miserable people who just want to see everyone brought down to their level

  12. Robocop reboot
    Hellboy reboot
    Total Recall Reboot
    47 Ronin
    Blade Runner 2049
    Gods of Egypt
    King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
    Robin Hood reboot

    White male movies are tanking at the box office. Wake up Hollywood!

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