Review of Flash Game – The I of It

The “I of It” is an unarguably unique game. The “t” says, “bah,” and abandons “I”. Now “I” has a goal; to be reunited with “t”. The British narrator flawlessly narrates I’s quest. He even narrates the transitions between scenes with more transitions. On this quest, “I” encounters several obstacles, such as blocks, changes in gravity, “Elewaitors”, spikes and flying bombs. To overcome these obstructions, “I” can alter its size, fall, and hook onto other blocks. “I” even gets to fly while dangling from a balloon.

The puzzles aren’t overly complex or challenging, but it’s creative and fun. It isn’t too easy either. There are even a few spots that will make most players scratch their heads and tempt them to use the built in walkthrough. Each scene is a different type of puzzle or a more complex version of the previous one. This helps keep the player from getting bored. According to what the situation calls for, “I” can shrink and grow. This technique is used in most of the puzzles and is usually coupled with timing.

The music, like the rest of the game is fun and quirky. There is even a brief moment of elevator music while “I” is in what the narrator calls the “Elewaiter”. The narrator’s sarcasm blends seamlessly with the quirky music. He even mocks I’s deaths and encourages “I” to continue to try and get through the scene. The mostly black and white background ties in with the music and narrator as well. The controls are simple. They consist of just the arrows, which is nice. The ending is so unfunny that it is funny. You’ll have to play the game to figure out why “I” is now “i” and “t” is now “T”.

The only negative aspect in the game is that it is a bit short. It does such a good job of drawing the player in, so that he or she wants to know more of the story. The ending is appropriate, but it would be nice to know what the abstract characters, “I” and “T”, think of each other and each other’s change.

Hints and Tips:

– If you get stuck, try having I dangle from the far side of the blocks on the screen. This often solves the problem.

– When bombs are around, be quick. “I” only has so much time to reach the blocks and then shrink before exploding.

– If you are still stuck, there is always the walkthrough.

Source by Thomas Urban

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