Questions stay unanswered about Las Vegas taking pictures timeline: 20/20 Section 1

The legit timeline modified a number of instances however now house owners of Mandalay Bay and legislation enforcement agree the taking pictures started concerning the time a safety officer was once shot.
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  1. You were there. Why do you need anyone to tell you about a timeline?

    The changes are designed to make you, and everyone else, confused regarding those events which you, especially you, experienced live, as a part of your life.

    Think about what you..
    Saw, and

    Hold onto those Let them be your anchor. You know what happened, you were a witness to it. Do not let them change your mind.

    Help the rest of us understand how so many were shot and killed in such a short period of time by a person who sold guns for a living?

    Especially when that person was shot read by the police as they entered a room which had, up until that point in time, had no broken windows in it. Windows which couldn't have been broken out wirh that tiny sledge.

  2. Iv always thought campos was involved..that man rounds threw a door at you and your hit once.i call bullshit his looks are unsettling.
    Campos killed padock and shot himself in the leg as a cover

  3. When it comes down to it cops are a bunch of pussies with guns, They have so much arsenal at their disposal they should have breach his room much sooner than they did. Also they had enough officers to cover the 31st. floor and make the breach on the 32 floor, Basically they don't care how many people are being killed they only care about the officers own safely. The security officer really no hero all he did was called it in, like anyone else would do.

  4. Guys we are past the point of even trying to expose our government and elites who run the world. It is time to get ready for persecution. We Natsarims (Christians= poor fellow Natsarim = followers of Yahusha ((Yahuah = Jesus)) must get ready and those who are comment and this all seems to be more than gunman by the name Steven Paddox then you have eyes to see! Seek the most high and his son Yahusha!

  5. Fake story all for political gain and gun control. I believe the 1st Shots heard When they called 911 was when they killed paddik.set him up! They probably came to him and talked him into doing this in exchange for money And said nobody is actually getting hurt. We have a bunch of crisis actors out there. Then they killed him 6 minutes before the shooting started. That's why they had to change their time Frame due to that one 911 call. Something fishy about that security guard also. He didn't even have a license to carry a gun

  6. How is it in 1996 they have cameras recording a fight in the mgm lobby .
    Andersen gets jumped by Tupac Shakurs entourage.. moments later you have The infamous walk of 2pac and his entourage being followed by security cameras exiting the mgm casino .. and this was in 1996 when 720, 1080 wasn’t even invented .. and yet this sad event that occurred about 2 years ago in 2017, 2018 Still doesn’t have video of this idiot going into the hotel room, in the hallways , arriving to the hotel, leaving the hotel .being followed on streets , .. THERE ARE CAMERAS EVERYWHERE !!

  7. George Soros made $93 million that night! He sold his Mandalay Bay stocks BEFORE the shootings & turned around & bought his stocks back at a lower price. What did Soros know that no one else knew? Why did no one look into this “luck”? Is Soros psychic or what? Everything about that event is queer & never been truly investigated. Why?

  8. With my tin foil hat I say the “cop” guy was the shooter this old guy is the fall guy and those last two shots was someone shooting this guy in the head.

  9. Where was SWAT ? They should have stormed his room A.S.A.P. as soon as it was identified . An hour before they entered ? And the sheriff was offended because of his incompetence ? They are trained and paid to do there damm job. To protect and serve ?

  10. This is nothing more than a false flag, new info came out that 3 women were in the room with Paddock, he was setup or helped plan this. The Swat video, you can even hear the police say, "The window is not broken" "Shooter is still out there" ..

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