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  1. Yeah she's ok, like penicillin is ok, like a cure for cancer and world peace would be ok. 😉 I'm having impure thoughts of sinning when I watch Taylor and when I hear her voice my blood rushes to places I forgot it could go. God she is fine.

  2. J'eterais "notre tan" by July, FOR SURE – (To: Boss #Kloss Oo-Ooo- We never left earth – You – SING IT – Oooo – ooo – I will call you up again tonight! Sing it like the man is running you like a man and calling back EVERYONE … never say never – it's a (GREATEST WAY-to_WIN!)

  3. AND THANKS for playing it capo and as Guitar_Lesson … I'll be waiting … I'll rule the world and you'll be – "… and I'll be like America's President flying a world above any Juli L' ete" Julie's July – for my sons by Cardinal Swift

  4. Just being #fearless for you, winning forever and for everyone – I wear shorter skirts – wake and find what you were looking for has been here the whole time! #LIGHT … isn't this easy! 'cause I know you better than that – and I can wear high heals … #Karlie_Kloss_America's GREATEST President!

  5. Just wanted to take a moment to express my admiration and respect for the lovely and talented Taylor Swift. Initially, I categorized her as a "manufactured pop star" and effectively tuned her out until I stumbled upon this amazing performance. She has such a genuine vibe and her love for music really shines through her beautiful music and thoughtful lyrics.

  6. 俺は自慢じゃないけど歌は歌える方だよ。だけど、テイラーの歌唱力は出来すぎてて困るから、もうちょっと劣った部分があった方が聞きやすい。だから、tear drop on my guiterはよく聞いてたし、今の自分に合うのはそれくらいしかないかな。困ってるときにカントリーはミスマッチだし、カントリーを聞くときは強い気持ちがないと聞けない。俺は弱いんだ、特に気持ちが。一度滅入れば、もう立ち直ることができない。

  7. Sound quality can be an issue when recording on a ship. The generator and/or propulsion engines are audible here, especially when the band is not playing. But this recording turned out very well. For Taylor Swift, somehow everything does.

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