My TOP 3 RECOMMENDED BROKERS For Forex Trading in 2018?! [MY TRUE OPINION!!]

The BEST BROKERS For Forex Trading in 2018?! [MY TRUE OPINION!!]

Here is my personal opinion on the BEST FOREX BROKERS in 2018. I hope you enjoyed and the links to these brokers will be below! I currently use LQDFX and FXChoice as my brokers.

These are all well-trusted and amazing brokers:
FX Choice:

Above are my 3 most recommended brokers and they are all trustworthy. I have accounts with all 3 and have never had an issue with anything. Deposits, Withdraws, Customer Service, etc.

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  1. Please do not promote you're links and emails to try to get new traders to sign up to your B.S. program.
    I am not trying to be rude, but there are people that actually want to learn the markets. I will remove any comments doing so, thank you.

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  5. 80% to 90% of forex traders lose money & 80% to 90% of brokers are market makers. How is it possible that those numbers are almost the same?
    Has it ever dawned on anyone that a strategy is only as good as the broker one trades with…

  6. To get the best result in Forex trading it is very important to hire the reliable and regulated broker. Because there are many scammers and they show off common and fake a facility which attracts the traders most. I select Forex4you broker after full confirmation about their regulation and license. From the Financial Services and Commissions they get license of Forex trading. They provide active and customer support by 24/7 and fluent trading platforms.

  7. Thank man your share video,im beginner still research what best broker ,now im hold you recommen..before this im hear from my friend brokerx10 but now im know

  8. Traders Way offers 100 match and 1 : 1000 leverage — these are warning signs according to you. Plus, they have numerous online complaints and are unregulated. Basically, what you're really saying is that TW has an affiliate program and that is why you are referring them. I will check out LQDFX. Thanks

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