Las Vegas On line casino Bars Now Price a Drink Charge!?

Las Vegas Helps to keep Getting Extra Dear, Charges Now Carried out to Beverages
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There’s a new price in Las Vegas that has been made public on Twitter. One customer to Las Vegas spotted that their bar tab confirmed a provider price for a few beverages. When he requested the valuables about this, he used to be given a proof of what this new price is. Lately, bars inside Park MGM and Sahara Resort and On line casino at the moment are charging a provider price for beverages.

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  1. I just got back from Las Vegas and Winstar Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma. In Thackerville they gave me free food, free slot play and many wins while I gave them my money. In Vegas they gave me nothing, stole my money and figuratively raped me. I'm going to Louisiana next time and I am going to Las Vegas never again. The Flamingo casino is shit. I never had a win bigger than $100 and I blew $2500. Fools beware, Vegas is being run by corporate raiders under indictment for tax fraud and it has nothing to do with the Mafia, just capitalist greed. Go elsewhere if you want to be treated like a customer instead of an unworthy plebeian. "Las Vegas, it's just not worth it anymore."

  2. Not that long ago, parking was free including valet – never charged a resort fee and even given resort credit for a few nights stay. Not to mention the comped room, food, and beverage. Things change with the times and this might be the last straw before people start to dislike coming here. As a former SoCal resident and current local, I would feel so nickel and dimed that I'd just vacation elsewhere. The Vegas experience isn't what it used to be. It used to be better. Maybe that's why all the tourists in town now are foreigners. None of my friends want to come out for a visit.

  3. I went for 21 years with a large group every St. Patrick's Day but we are no longer choosing Vegas as our destination to meet. All the fees are the only reason we are no longer returning each year. I know our money spent there was a drop in that ocean but eventually the casinos as well as all the other businesses, bars and restaurants will start getting pissed that people aren't coming there anymore.

  4. DANM, i get free hotel stays at MGM and this is why i still don't redeem them. They STILL charge resort fees for a comped room!! I fly there from Miami and pay for a flight and still pay resort fees. NOW drinks??? Come on.. How do you expect the waitress to get tips after all this? Vegas needs to wake up! If you cannot afford so many resorts sell one and operate within your budget MGM. You are running away the customers and the loyal people who visit your properties. Nobody wants to get nickeled and Dime'd.. Bad management and operation skills. Its cheaper for me to just go on a cruise or the Caribbean all inclusive! Its this that attributes to the downfall of the strip for sure!

  5. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas especially all the $$$ that you have and that you don't have for those of you living on credit lines. Good grief! The thing I don't understand is that despite all of this fleecing of people's $$$, the strip is always crowded.

  6. Been 3 times this year , east coast , tired of all the dumb fees. Will not go again, to many casinos near home with no fees. I do not drink but it's still like the last straw. MGM just saved me lots of money . Thanks MGM ! I do appreciate it .

  7. Las Vegas is now ran since the past 3 years by democrats almost ALL casinos are ran by them and your watching the down fall of a once great city as you see with all those blue states that are in decline.

    I’ve lived here since 93 and it WAS an awesome place till the Libs took over.

    Plus the new dem governor in 26 years just raised the sales tax. Don’t you just love the democrats.

  8. Am in Vegas many times a year for conferences and stopped buying ANYTHING at casinos on the Strip that charge all these fees. Stay off Strip, eat off Strip, even buy concessions off Strip. Just not going to pay for it anymore.

  9. People are increasingly tapped out when it comes to discretionary spending which includes vacations. Keep rasing fees Vegas and you see a continual decline in tourism.

  10. The bubble is about the burst. Probably already is so they try to hide it any way they can by raising prices and fees all over. Everybody starts to scramble to desperately keep up the bottom line. Same thing happened last crash. Right before the great financial crash everyone started raising prices which just killed the economy more. Kept putting more air in bags of chips, shrinkflation everywhere. All of them trying to please the stockholder. As soon as you get a quarter with an official drop in profits that actually shows on the books it's all downhill and crashes from there.

  11. Haven't gone Vegas for years because of similar B.S.. After hearing this wont be going back anytime within the next decade or two.

    Anyway people that live there are all drug addicts or homeless or just plane old human trash for the most part!

    "Vegas strong", with a needle in their arm!

    Fuck Vegas!

  12. the Mob had nothing on the criminality of the Corporations. May they all go under! I'm never going back up there, and shit, I'm NOT missing it! Imagine that!

  13. Potential upcoming fees…

    -Every time you enter your room
    -Every time you flush the toilet in your bathroom
    -Every time you push a button in the elevator (forcing you to take the stairs)
    -First trip to the buffet line is free, fee charge every other trip thereafter
    -Fee for every 10 minutes spent waiting in the check-in line
    -Fee every time your "Players" card is inserted into a machine
    -Fee whenever you enter a casino other than the hotel/casino you are staying at
    -Every time the Raiders win (…or lose) a game
    -Every time the Golden Knights win a game
    -Fee for every major boxing/MMA event held in Vegas

  14. Ive been coming to vegas for 8 years and spend roughly 10-15k for the week im down there. Since fees went up this year i decide to go explore hawaii and the Philippines instead. Dont think i will be returning to vegas for awhile now.

  15. I’m sure that’s going to affect the tips the service staff receive when the customer realizes they’ve already been snagged by the casino….. I feel bad for those hard working people

  16. I just paid $18 for daily parking and $44 daily resort at Caesar’s in August. My god. I mean we’re gambling and losing. What more do they WANT?!

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