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  1. Everyone saying Americans don't get British humor but obviously none of them get American humor or they'd realize Taylor was only being sarcastic. Yet we're the ones who can't take jokes?

  2. …… couldn't take my eyes from Taylor Swift. Kate Beckinsale is also a knockout but I think I'll give it to Taylor…At the end she signals catlike the claws could come out.

  3. 2070: Taylor is one of those weird old ladies with like 10 cats who haven't dated in decades. And she's never had kids and hasn't dated in 50 years.

  4. Lord, everything John Cleese says isn’t funny just because he’s John Cleese, nor are his jokes mystifying to Americans because he’s British. The how did the cat have the accident line wasn’t even funny, it was corny. Taylor isn’t dumb, it just wasn’t a very good joke.

  5. I'm still a fan of Mr. Cleese, even though he says mean things about Miss Swift's little kitty. I'd hope he'd never show up on my doorstep with his feral herd of fell beasties. And that rabbit.

  6. This is a v toxic comment section towards Taylor, it pains me so much to not reply to any comments saying 'shes not intelligent' or 'she has no sense of humour' because they were posted 3 years ago…. look uo Taylor Swift funny moments and youll see her sense of humour, its childish and thats why i love it. May not be for everyone, but she indeed does not have the same sense of humour as a rock.

  7. "Oh we don't want to do that."

    You see, Taylor missed the entire point of the joke. Cleese was paying women a compliment, by pointing out that he much preferred their stubborn personalities. If anything it was an insult to men. But we wouldn't expect Swift to recognize that. lol

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