This is a lesson for beginner traders about how to open a trade in Metatrader (MT4 or MT5) and how to calculate the correct trade position size to control your risk levels appropriately.

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  1. A question regarding trading with leverage. Do you calculate that 1-2 % from the amount of money with leverage or without?
    Maybe an example will clarify my question.
    Let's say I have an account with leverage of 1:50 and I deposit 1000 USD in my ongoing trade I want to risk 1%. Would I now calculate 1% from that 1'000 USD or from the 50'000 USD?

  2. Thanks for the explanation. From this I created a google sheets document that will calculate the position size from my stop loss and show the P/L ratio and help me decide if a trade is worth going into. 😀

  3. Hi man, probably a simple question, when looking at a exchange rate is 1 pip always valued at 10? But that then changes when you use it in your own formula due to the amount you trade?

  4. Excellent info. I notice that when I open a trade (going long) it opens at a higher point usually in the chart than where it was when I first clicked. I.e. the location where I got in is higher numerically on the y axis making it potentially more difficult to profit. Sorry if my terms are not correct I'm new to trading. Is there a way to limit this or make it more precise?

  5. Hey Nicholas I really enjoy watching your videos as I am able to comprehend with them and also the interest you have invested in helping people in times of doubts also makes me really happy.This is also something I am willing to recommend to those who are new to the market and are keen on learning.

    My question about this video is when you opened the "new order" feature to open a trade,you executed the trade by clicking on the "Sell by Market" option why is that you didn't click on the "buy by market" option.Can you please tell me how and when each of these option have to be used.

  6. How do you generate the number of points info using the crosshair feature.I tried it on my platform but I can't seem to generate the info.Please help.

  7. so what is the outcome of the trade. You should basically demonstrate the live market movement. such explainations have got no value at all. Its just waisting the time of views. If you are so confident then a practical and live trade set up is required. Not just this type of demo demonstration. Time is very precious and if the people give you respect and allow some time to dedicate you then come up with concreate demonstration. this demonstration trust me has got no value at all.

  8. Thank you for this good tutorial. You are shorting. I was once at a workshop, where the teacher said that most profits are made by shorting (among experts), is that true?

  9. What do you think about Trading 212? I have a demo account and have been studying for a couple of months but kinda feel they may be sketchy to go live with. I also question how accurate their demo account is. I'm really profitable on it. Understand this is play money and the real physiology in Trading isn't applied but at the moment I'm using the demo account to learn about lot sizes, different currency pairs and see how the markets move every day with my EMAs and other indicators. I would like to go live soon but not sure if they are really very reputable

  10. Very easy.. why don't you take a stop loss at 135 pips, and a 10.000 USD account. With a position on the GBP/NZD..
    That would really teach us something..

  11. Hi i was wondering .. i have a Demo account of 100,000 usd , my leverage is 1:1 , and i want to risk 1% . ive used a calculator btw . BUt im having problem , the calculator says that i should enter 2 Lot cus i my stop loss is 50 pips. BUt when im entering in the volume : 2 lots , it says that " NOt enough money " ?? is 2 lots not 200,000 ? so i guess thats his reason? but ive watch your video , you have a balance of 10,000 usd and you enter 0.2 lot , isnt that means (20,000) ? please help thanks

  12. How do you take out the dotted lines of the tp and the sl from the chart in metatrader 4?
    Also, the MA that you use in this video or in general is exponential or simple? What value?

  13. Hi so how would you work out 1 pip in a currency would it be just working out what 10 dollars is in the currency chosen and that would be 1 pip.

  14. Really appreciate you taking the time to make this. I am sure more advanced traders soon forget how baffling this was in the early days. I feel I've made good progress in my understanding this week and am enjoying using the demo account. This video has really helped make perfect sense of calculating the position size. Thanks!

  15. Nick do yo think we should close out positions before the trump ignaguration speech on Frida even though i dont have usd positions open only eurgbp and audcad.

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