House Well being Care with BrightStar Care of W. Central Las Vegas – IM #050

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House Well being Care with BrightStar Care of W. Central Las Vegas – IM #050

Becky Sennes Torrez (Proprietor, BrightStar Care of W. Central Las Vegas) outlines the number of house well being care products and services her group’s nurses, therapists, CNAs, and caregivers ship to the Las Vegas group.

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  1. helpful info. I had a friend last year who needed someone to stay in the hospital room with her for a two -day stay after surgery because she didn't have any friends/family in town, so hired an LVN thru a local Vegas caregiver service to stay overnight in the room and also bring her home and get her settled upon release. There wasn't a need for major medical care, just a temporary fill in type of thing. I won't name the company, but it was rather expensive because it wasn't covered by any sort of insurance or medicare, and the caregiver wasn't a very professionally appearing/speaking person. So, there's some companies that don't provide very high quality people for jobs like this. That's the reality. There's definitely a need for "niche" services like this for patients who may not need full time care but need someone with them in the hospital during their stay and for a few hours upon arriving home to pick up prescriptions or fix a couple of meals. Medicare calls this "custodial care", so it's not covered at all. It can be a challenge on many levels and will become a bigger challenge in coming years for our growing senior population.

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