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A biographical sketch paints an abbreviated picture of someone's life. It can be written about someone else's life or your own life. If you're writing about someone ...


  1. I love this ! thank you so much! I already had a feeling you were saying Taylor swift songs haha. Ps May you please make a reputation album cake !!

  2. I don't know how many times I've watched this video, I don't even like Taylor swift but this one video in particular is so relaxing to me for some reason…

  3. Begin Again Blank Space red and Shake It Off Love Story pictures to burn You Belong With Me this is why we can't have nice things look what you made me do don't blame me We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together last Christmas

  4. Let you know how have you been I can show you incredible things that you like oh my God you look like and I want to go want to play

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