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  1. Blank space isn’t about him the song is based of what the media was saying like how she was boy crazy and clingy search “Taylor swift blank space acoustic” and she explains it

  2. i think harry gave a really respectable answer. as far as tayler oupening up to her crazy saide i think she needs to bottle that shit back up especially after seeing that music video just now. seeing that would ruin a lot of kids images of her and kids really do respect her so she might want to die down on the crazy.

  3. this is why I will never subscribe to this channel. Like seriously do you people even do any research before showing this shit? How many times do we have to tell you IKYWT was released before they even dated?

  4. honestly ? men are cruel and they don't think too much when they do the dumb. Taylor made a mark in history of how that feel. Harry exited well. He is not ready yet…. does not matter it takes a hottie like Taylor…. she is dwelling on a wrong one

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