FOREX TRADING – The REAL Process of Trading

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After a couple of eventful days in the live trading room following a slow April, the markets are picking up and there is lots of opportunity across the pairs in my portfolio.

What a perfect opportunity to share with you the day to day process of professional trading and how profits are really made by going through a trade plan routine that is as repetitive as that annoying song that’s played on the radio.

The best way to learn is to be around repetition. That’s why you know the words to that annoying song!

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Jason G

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  1. You've been trading for quite long, but why your risk / investment per trade is very, very, very low? Like as if you trade with just a couple hundred bucks

  2. Thank you for this Video. This gave me again a lot of conformation, that iam on a way to be a fulltimetrader ! i love the way you explain !

  3. jason is right i spend 200 $ and its change my trading thinking my concepts of marketand it is quit different than i was learning through youtube free videos believe me i am learing wave trading big waves and small waves great learning experience without indicator or only fibo rsi just to confirme trade

  4. How about Tim Sykes, this person even charges more but of course he does have proven students who also made Millions, today he is advertising all over YouTube about his course but again charging $5000 in the beginning may not be much of a wise decision on his part

  5. If predicting a pull back and preparing for a possible short trade (in a descending channel in a bearish trend). How do you know when to open the trade as it pulls back? I take it you don't open as it forms a new double top as it might push through higher and meet resistance from a higher previous lower low. If it fails to reach the previous lower low resistance and bounces down off of the newly formed double top then by the time you see that it is on it's way down again you might only get a few pips in no? Then i suppose it could also start consolidating for a while or even bounce one more time and break out to the upside.
    It's been a slow week for me. Last week was amazing and this week i'm not moving anywhere.

  6. It's all good waiting to see if a candle closes above or below a resistance line or not but how do we know that one of the next candles won't close above or below resistance?

  7. Hello Jason, awesome videos, great job! One quick question – On the aud/usd at 14:30 you speak about a first chance entry on a lower timeframe if you get a dB top. But if you get short at this first chance entry, you will have a bad risk to reward ratio. Would you be aiming for another target if your entry was at this lvl.? Or how would you approach it?

  8. Thank you Jason. Although, it may be perceived as boring, Mundane, repetitive it is still a great way. As you have pointed out many times, the process involvement and consistency create results…in any walk of life or profession. Your way of explaining is again clear, comprehensive and transparent, makes sense. I would like to learn more about your rules of entering the trade. Great stuff Sir!

  9. With the birth of my first child and my wife unable to work its gonna be a while before i can invest in your training but i very much would like to thank you for what you showcase for free on youtube. Your channel has been my education as of recently. Keep up the good work and spreading the knowledge.

  10. Hello Graystone,

    Thank you for an informative video. I was wondering if you would have to adjust your ATR stop loss prior to entering the trade because it will change by the time you enter the trade. Thanks in advance.

  11. hi i have a question if you can answer? if you start your top down analysis from the daily timeframe which timeframe will be the entry timeframe the 1hr or the 4hr? thank you

  12. I love these videos. I will be signing up to the free trial tomorrow, I've been trading for a short while but I feel I have lost confidence in my judgement so I've stopped live trading for now until I have mastered it properly

  13. Mr. Ben [bengavin30@ gmail. com] is a superb trader, i started out with $500 and in less than a week, i made over $5000 as my profit. and since then, i have become financially free and stable.

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