Forex Trading Discipline – You Have No Choice Here

Without disciplined trading, you have no chance to win long term. None. You can do everything else right, and it won’t matter. This video helps you figure it all out.

Trading Psychology is arguably the most important factor in trading, and this is Video #2 in our Trading Psychology series.

Finding the best entries is the fun part. Stuff like this is the profitable part. Don’t get left behind.

No Blog for Trading Psychology vids, but go there anyway and get caught up –

Forex Blog

Daily Chart Podcast Episode –

Demo Trading Podcast Episode –

“Discipline Equals Freedom” by Jocko Willink –

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  1. I took some boxing lessons many years ago, it kicked my ass.
    I have a speed bag in my living room, I love it. It is a good upper body workout.

  2. For swings I have very specific criteria I follow, but for short scalps (10-15 pips) I would say intuition is useful. My approach also rules-based but I'll get out early every time if it starts to look like I screwed up the entry or if I won't get to my exit. I'm okay with not getting a proper exit in this case, as long as I'm in the green at the end of it. Or if it does go against me, I get out with a minimal loss.

  3. Hey Patrick, every free moment that I have I watch your videos, I'm a waiter and I want to get out from restaurants like you did. I'm testing right now my algorithm, I see that you don't answer questions anymore, I would like to know were I can contact you. God bless you.

  4. The answer to the first question before the intro, If it crossed back over my Baseline, I'm getting out of the trade which was VP's recommendation , not mines!

  5. So two weeks ago, I entered a trade on AUDCHF. Then I went on to enter other trades on other accounts, which I checked several times a day. Guess what? Some of the other trades closed with small profits while some are still hanging with negative balances. But that original AUDCHF which I COMPLETELY FORGOT about closed with 180 pips! 🙂

  6. Think I’ll keep looping this playlist and money management for a few weeks.. because to be brutally honest with my self, discipline is my weakest point I’m finding.. time to take my brain to the gym

  7. If you were to make changes to your system every time you hit a losing streak, you would be adjusting your system for the rest of your life.

    VP this is your quote and I love it!

  8. Great video. I needed this at this exact moment. I have a really good system that I have been testing for 3 weeks now. For some reason, I started fiddling around with it, because you know, I think I am smarter than the market. Well the results were horrible. I said to myself, what the hell are you doing bro? Your system was working great and you went and screwed it up? Well, I have since went back to my original system and will stick with it because it works. Period. I got caught up in the draw down blues. I have gotten back up, brushed myself off and I am back at it with confidence. I'm going to make it. I'm going to be just fine. Thanks VP.

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