Forex – An Introduction To Forex Trading Forex Art of War is an introduction to Forex trading. I’ll be sharing insights on the Forex market. I’ll tell you what it is, its function in the world, and show you opportunity even Forex Traders don’t know about. ~Vance


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  3. Hi Sir, I've been trading my tiny account for a month now I've lost more in my losing trades than I won in the winning ones… now I'm completely scared to enter any trade. I read as much news as I can, learned charts and different indicators, even purchased charting software but can't seem to find the guts to pull the trigger. Is there any advice you could offer to someone like me who really wants to trade for a living? thank you

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  8. Думаю,что новичкам в Форекс соваться не следует.Помните выигрыши получаются только за счет ваших проигрышей!

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  10. price going up or down is not a 50 .50 chance of being correct thats a myth 96 % of people loose all the money if it was 50 50 it would not be so high sir 

  11. Nice Introduction. What more training or info do you have? You did forget to mention that the Market can be sideways as well, before heading back up or down…

  12. you say that since the market can only go two directions, we have a 50% chances of being conrrect, KNOWING NOTHING AT ALL!! and forward you say that if we risk 1$ to make 2$ in each trade, we need to be right just over 33% of the time. So I can make money in forex without any knowledge?!. I dont think so… to me seems like a charm

  13. $ 4 trillion is a large amount. That's only daily trading volume.  🙂 
    I agree, know something about forex.

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