Easy trading strategy all FOREX traders should use | Simple

Download link to MFI strategy here

The following video is just to give you a quick insite into a very simple process and strategy that I use to make consistent returns trading the Forex markets

Yes, I do know it is simple but it is just a “Get your feet wet” strategy to help you see where the markets money is moving through a much better set of indicators.

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  1. Morgan, thank you very much for your videos and your generosity in sharing them with us. I LOVE your videos. I ALWAYS feel like I learn something important from your work. Please post again where to sign up for the academy.

  2. This is excellent mate, thanks for this. Been trying some on the demo account and looks the good. I'll give it a go with some real coin soon. Got to figure out proper stop losses though as I am a bit confused where to put them. Can you help with that?

  3. I don’t want to rate or anything as such, but I will simply like to call my broker BPRIMES the best, it’s just that what I can put them into. First, it’s due to the list of features and facilities present here which starts from having lowest spreads to high leverage up to 1:1000, bonuses, rebates, zero balance protection, swap free account plus a lot more. They are best than other brokers.

  4. Learn to trade without indicator. The best way any trader can trade. Don’t chase indicators it can make you get into bad trades or get you out of really good trades

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