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  1. She said “I am calm” in French and her new song is “You need to Calm Down” Yet when this was posted it wasn’t out yet so…that was an Easter egg

  2. There's literally no energy in both of them right here….they both seem pretty tired and DONE with the show!

  3. so nobody is talking about how she don't wash her legs ? ewww I bet 90% of you people don't even use wash cloths , try to wash a car , dish or anything else without one . you people are gross , you suppose to wash every part of your body even between your toes . scientist proved that you get 80% cleaner using a wash cloth than not using one .

  4. So she believes that she shaves the dirt, sweat and built up oils off her legs along with the hairs? No..You gotta scrub them legs and make sure to also get the spaces between your toes!

  5. I don't no Taylor but I can look at those hot stems and can garentee she takes good care of them thankfully they are uncovered 90%of the time.

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