Dj Pauly D – Rain Nightclub – Hands On line casino – Las Vegas (Intro) – 8/13/11

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Pictures at – Dj Pauly D at Rain Nightclub Las Vegas taking part in the Playboy’s Midsummer’s Evening Dream After Celebration on the Hands On line casino.


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  1. Like i said i don't know who you are, never heard your name, never will. But if it's any consolation nice try on the "i'm big shit" front. It managed to last all of two seconds.

  2. Well first off i'm not your "bruh" and secondly you act as if you're teaching me something, i don't care what packs the place i care about the shred of dignity djing had before clowns like pauly d started trolling the scene. A bad dj is a bad dj if people like listening to that shit that's on them. Going with "what's hot at the time" is common sense no one is getting a dj from 30 years ago. The point is people like this shouldn't even be given the time of day it's sad they are.

  3. you are right.but dont blame this douche.blame mtv for gift wrapping a dj career for this non talent douche.we were lucky to have a AM in this industry of serpents.after his 15 minutes of fame are up,his skills will put him back at home depot

  4. I stopped caring a while ago, the real edm fans know he's a joke so i'll leave it at that. Also i couldn't really begin to imagine myself in his shoes i actually have a talent and plan on reaching my dream with hard work, not drunk stupid sluts in a hot tub.

  5. That's true he probably wouldn't have got what he has know if it wasn't for MTV, but my point is now that it's reality, why waste time just criticizing and let people realize that by themselves. And what if you where in his shoes?

  6. It's good he's enjoying it but me and many others believe and well it's hard to argue otherwise that he doesn't deserve the opportunities that have been given to him, especially because they were handed on a silver platter and not through dedication and hard work. Think about it for a second do you think pauly would even exist in our minds had it not been for that mistake of a show on the network formerly known as "mtv" ? probably not.

  7. I completely agree with you 99%, but the 1% still matters. There is no doubt DJ AM was the best and Pauly D knows that. He said it himself that he is more than honored and blessed to DJ in his spot. The world needs entertainment for the people and that's what Djs live by. He is living his life and enjoying it and i don't see what's wrong with that.

  8. i wish AM was still alive 🙁 he would shit all over this kid and send him back to his shitty little shore AM used to have the palms residency and there is IN NO WAY WHATSOFUCKING EVER IN A MILLION YEARS that this douche could touch AMs skills and if you know about AM you will agree unanimously. R.I.P. AM One of the greatest djs to grace the palms and the art itself

  9. You obviously know nothing about DJing, everything is already beat matched with his handy dandy computer program. No skills whatsoever.

  10. So Im having a problem with this video right now. I just found out from the show on MTV. Dj Pauly show that DJ AM died. I wasnt a complete fan but I am a fan of all things techno. Or shall I say House, Drum & Bass, and the best yet Dub Step. I am a recovering addict who is struggling so hard right now sometimes I feel Im about to follow his footsteps. Help me with some words of incourgment if u can. What keeps u guys goin?

  11. despite the fact that everyone thinks pauly d is a retarded dj (which I agree with), he is living the life. Blame it on being a celeb and not actual dj skills but whatever, hes playing shows infront of people screaming for him.

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