Different types of forex trading robots


From my experience so far, there seem to be about three different types of robots that you can use to trade in the Forex markets. In this video, I take some time to describe what they are, how they work, and some of my preferences with robotic trading. Enjoy!


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  1. hei multumesc de informatie
    dar spunemi ai incercat FX Master Bot?
    Vreau parerea ta saitul pare sigur am fost sunat de la firma lor din Londra
    Si as vrea si parerea ta

  2. Your entire account is at risk? Don't you use 1% of your account on each trade, which means 1% of your account is at risk at any given time? Are you actually putting your entire account into each trade?

  3. чσu rєαllч juѕt dσnt knσw hσw hєlpful чσu'rє chαnnєl íѕ líkє fσr αll lєvєlѕ σf trαdєrѕ í cαn dєfínítєlч vσuch thαt wєll αnчwαч thαnkѕ

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