*BREAKING*MASSIVE UFO Mothership On The Peruvian Information! Might 26th, 2011 *UPDATED*

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TRANSLATION: “… That is been captured within the town of Guancayo; there you’ll see a unusual having a look object soaring the sky. Check out this, our viewer is named Henric Snider Solano de l. a. Cruz, and instructed us that once he devised this object, went for his video digital camera to report the instant, and ship it to us. What does this seem like? It is also that somebody could be having a look on the “airplane” from above, no no…

…Very fascinating, Henric instructed us that he may just now not listen any sound coming from the item; and that is the reason how he assumed that this used to be now not an plane or recognized object. Neatly it kind of feels we need to examine this one to resolve what it is. Very fascinating… right here it is going once more, you’ll see that one thing very large is flying during the clouds.”

Completely Unbelievable! ORIGINAL FOOTAGE ADDED! I would not in most cases publish a video of this nature as it is for sure “too excellent to be true”. The truth that this used to be broadcast on a Peruvian information channel is what has me . A right away translation of this tale is a will have to if we wish to get began at the investigation.
I have been not able to find the unique supply as of but, in all probability a translation will carry this data to gentle.


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  1. The great thing about all these fake videos is its always very clear that they are fake, the CGI really is not that impressive. If you want to see actual footage, real UFO/UAP phenomena then visit our channel because we do not entertain videos like this, we have concrete evidence of group initiated contact events done through group meditation (CE5 Protocols), we have officially released DoD footage that has undergone an official USG declassification process, we have extremely tangible public uploads that look nothing close to CGI and we have footage released by the Chilean Navy, we have a backlog of videos that we will continue to upload and we are doing real-time research on current events of UFO disclosure.

  2. 2 ;films, front is the cloud images, back film, spliced, background, fake UFO spinning around. There is so much real footage of UFOS from all over the world, going back for years….and there are still these farts in the elevator trying to fool the masses. Very juvenile, but, the local news bait was clever. May you rest in peace.

  3. THE SUN IS small ,up close and INSIDE the firmament/dome THINK ABOUT IT
    !, The sun would NOT have crepuscular /angled rays if it were millions
    of miles away !!!!! the whole NIBURU thing is a hoax and a cover up for
    the nukes they will set off to cause tsunamis ….. the earth is NOT a
    ball flying through fake space at 66.6 thousand mph ..satan started the
    graven image GLOBE LIE , so he could usher in the big bang and evolution
    lies ,and so demons can pose as "aliens" as they trick the world with
    their false christ , to cover up the rapture of the wise virgin bride
    … Luke 21;36

  4. ITS FAKE if you look at the crafts landing gear as it rotates the clouds would swirl from the motion of the crafts orbit….fake fake as well as glitches and freezes…

  5. I wonder where it went as my space ship was stolen a while ago from my back garden and I hadn't had it long.. Oh well I don't suppose I will ever get that back now.. Shame really…

  6. news go for ratings not reality nowadays. there have been many CGI on news. This is an oblivious CGI. there are a few dozen mother-ships in orbit or close to earth. There is not a single true video of any and there won't be for quite some years. None of them have malevolent intentions.

  7. I m the creator of this video…. Yes I use Mac final cut pro soft + tron editing tools…. Just to know how many ppls got brains… Happy to see 2500+ comments of morons…. Yes u read right….

  8. The problem with these things is that if that is real and people saw that….
    People would go crazy. The goverment Would probably be either trying to cover it up and say that its a new type of aircraft there making or they would just get really pissed and finally admit that they exist

    and none of that is happening

  9. Why does everyone think this was on the news? lol it's like people have no problem believing someone could have made a cgi ufo but cheesy fake news channel graphics IMPOSSIBLE !

  10. Translate Reporter: "breaking news. If your watching this mothership and believe its real because its on a cheap, low rating News channel then you should do everyone a favour and hit your head on this brick wall, like this". (Image shifts to the brick wall )

    The end.

  11. with everyone with a cellphone these days no one else has it recorded or photographed? you can always safely chalk those up as fake as hell… when the quality is questionable these days with 8 mp cameras in most phones, it would be to hide flaws of fabrication… and what it just never got seen again? yeah ok….

  12. I feel it's real as cgi is very difficult to master and make it look right you can see the thing behind the clouds b4 it moved and you see it pulling cloud round with it very good if it's fake?

  13. To any who think this is real or that aliens exist, you will be easily deceived by the fake invasion. Aliens are NOT from another planet. They are fallen angels (demons) pretending to be aliens. They are not coming to end our wars, cure our diseases, make us immortal or unite us all into one religion. If you worship this "alien" god when he comes, you will be lost and eternally separated from the one true God, Jehovah. Don't believe Satan's lie!!

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