BB King with John Mayer, Tedeschi Vehicles, Finale, Hollywood Bowl 9-5-12 section 1

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BB King with marvel visitor John Mayer. Additionally featured Susan Tedeschi & her husband Derek Vehicles with nice guitar solo. ‘Bet Who’ Phase 1 – digicam battery ran out – watch section 2 for John’s guitar solo. 9-5-12 Finale


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  1. y’all cut john some slack like overall i think john mayer’s musical talent is better but when it comes down to just raw guitar playing i can agree derek is mind blowing

  2. I like when the blues sounds shitty and stupid if it sounds like actual good music then it stops sounding like the blues (to me at least) Buddy Guy and Jimmy Page are my favorite blues players because they embrace sounding like shit for the sake of momentum and struggle… I’m not right or wrong, that’s just how I see it

  3. Derek is so humble it’s amazing. Even after the second solo he has this look on his face like “oh damn I hope that was good enough for BB” it’s almost like it’s past being humble, it’s like he’s legitimately unaware of how amazing of a guitar player he is.

  4. I know this was back in 2012, but even by that time neither of these two had anything to prove. Fast forward to now and John's 41, Derek's 39, so hardly the new kids on the black anymore. Heck, most artists are in their greatest hits era in their 40s, while these two continue to grow and learn and go from strength to strength. Lucky to have them.

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