The Browns win a wanted house sport


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  1. Baker threw 2 TD passes nullified by Bills PI. Rules incentivize PI in the end zone. Better to take the penalty than allow a TD. Forces offense to be one dimensional.

  2. Let's start using no huddle goal line let's lock in their personal and play call…practice it during the week run no huddle and pound the fullback or bounce over the top with chubb also I think your right I think kitchens has a chance at being there next year they obviously like kitchens and have to realize there was a fair chance at him failing do to inexperience. I think if he shows growth he will be there next year

  3. I think running repeat plays can be a good idea..but I think pounding the fullback and bouncing over the line with a lead blocker using limits lose of yards and its quick hitting…also use a no huddle when at the 2 yard line…practice it during the week master it dont let the defense get set or change there previous defense or a no huddle sneak…I really like the no huddle in football it often locks the defense and can also create a timeout to be called by the defense I'm a big fan of causing opponents to use up their timeouts exspealy in the 2nd half

  4. The red zone playcalling has to be better. Especially on the goal line. The man called 4 tosses to the right. When you are having trouble getting a yard don't start the play 3 yards behind already.

  5. The thing about time bombs is that they are on a countdown and won't blow up until the clock reads 00:00. Still have complete faith in my lazy narrative that OBJ will implode somehow. Which, btw, is based on his behavior in New York.

  6. A rookie QB needs at least two full seasons for development anyway, so I agree with you. I there is one thing to worry about as a Browns fan it's the coaching situation. And not just because Kitchens is bad, but because coaching turnover now would not be good for the development part of Baker's situation. In fact coaching turnover is one of the biggest QB killers in the sport. With a new coach comes a new staff and a new scheme, moving Baker back to square one. So what is one supposed to do with a rookie QB and a bad head coach? Not easy to answer, but something to think about.
    Or maybe it is simple. Either you fire Kitchens or you give him another year. But either solution could negatively affect your main asset, Mayfield. And either option could positively impact him. No way of knowing I think. So to me it's really a no-brainer. Kitchens gets next year, and the earliest he gets fired or demoted is week 8 next season. Baker is not the only one who is learning on the job. Freddie is too. Might as well give him a chance and make sure you made a mistake before firing him. It would be just like the Browns if Kicthens is fired, then gets hired by the Redskins and goes on to great success there.

  7. I'm going with freddie on the goal line plays, we need to be the kind of team that says " it's 1st and goal, we're running the ball right here, try and stop us "
    Until we can become that kind of team, we wont win anything.

  8. Lets face it, we are already in the playoffs. We lose one more game, season over. Next Playoff game is Thursday night against Pitt. And Pitt is playing for their playoff lives to. We wanted the playoffs. We in the playoffs.

  9. Browns spend every drop of blood to accomodate O. jr? They sjould have spent some focus to protect their qb. Most teams do better when their qb is standing. A coach that can call a play when their qb is standing in the end zone??

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