The united states's Were given Skill 2017 Billy & Emily England Bro/Sis Curler Daredevils Complete Audition S12E02

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  1. Can someone please tell me how they don't get dizzy. The party trick where you spin around then stop and go lurching off sideways into the bushes or whatever has nothing on this.

  2. Billy is so fricken hot and fills those jeans up real nice…
    Tyra is now gone thank goodness.
    But the whole brother sister thing is kinda weird.
    I do hope they get work though as they are talented

  3. Does anyone find this odd that she's dress like that and he takes his shirt off. Awfully sexual if you ask me. Her ass cheeks are literally hanging out of her shorts.

  4. in the whole world, the brother will trust in her sister more than the other friend family members and sister love is the most important love for his brother.
    so the trust is not important the blood is most important for brother and sister.

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