88. Forex Trading – Understanding Currency Rate Movements

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A lesson on understanding what increases and decreases in the rate of a currency pair mean for the values of the currencies which make up that pair.


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  4. nice work.but I think the current demo versions are a little different in appearance.I couldn't follow on the USD/JPY part of the lesson but the other's ok.

  5. Hi, Doing well thanks I hope you are. If you contact FXCM support they should be able to provide you with additional data. Best Regards, Dave

  6. Hey Dave, how are you doing? I had a question about the FXCM demo account. I was wondering if you could download some more historical data. I wanted to move bar by bar, testing my strategy for back a few months but turns out, the data doesn't go too far. Thanks for your time and have a good day !

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