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  1. Taylor swifts and her snake fans need to know
    That their idol is not a pure girl they think when she offended John mayor, demi , lorde,miley and even victories secrets model!
    Btw lets talk about only VFS model I don’t think the model said anything wrong but taylor swift fans made her life hell so much that she had to apologize for things she had never done

  2. Kanye was right it’s like a picture perfect show and it’s unacceptable to step out of line, but it’s good that he step up for what he believe in and said it! Kanye is ahead of his time and people should take exemple and stop being sheep’s.

  3. I wouldn't say Tina feys comments were malicious. Every hosts of every awards show poke fun of everyone! Nobody ever gets pissed off or get too sensitive about it. Grow a backbone.

  4. Bitches. Assholes. And spoiled little bitches. Demi Lovato is a nasty spoiled bitch. She’s a whiney little fat ass who’s jealous of those who aren’t fat asses. People are jealous.

  5. I dis Taylor Swift
    She went from childish to vindictive.. No use what so ever for that one.. An a poor excuse for roll model for our young ones..
    The world is dark enough without her teaching our young ones its ok to lash out just you can't handle life.. Rejection is a part of life, get over it, move on set yourself free! Not swallow vindictiveness an think its ok.. But the again she's a part of the illuminati.. What do you expect, she sold her soul to the devil!!

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